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Welcome/ Failte to Glengowla's Irish Mineral Shop.
The shop is divided into two sections a gift shop with educational toys and gifts with most being related to minerals and a collectors rare minerals section which has minerals we have discovered at Glengowla Mines or in the surrounding Connemara region.
In the Natural History Museum in London there is a piece of fluorite, pale green octahedron 7cm. across with calcite, galena and pyrite from Glengowla Mines.
Flourite with Quartz crystals and small pyrites
€147.60 (€120.00 exc VAT)
Fools Gold ( Pyrite)
€5.50 (€4.47 exc VAT)
Mining Mikes Excavation Kit
€6.00 (€4.88 exc VAT)
Obsidian Arrowheads
€4.00 (€3.25 exc VAT)